Bring your floors back to life

Consider the benefits of refinishing existing hardwood floors instead of undergoing a new floor installation.  Let our talented team bring your floors back to life. No matter what the cause, Martinez Hardwood Floors can help. We are experts in board replacement and patching as well as feathering in hardwood to match existing wood floors creating a seamless cover up leaving your guests none the wiser.  

We specialize in repairs and restorations to turn of the century as well as mid century hardwood floors by restoring that special charm reminiscent of an era gone by. Distinguished by nail and bolt patina, knot holes and streaking, restoring character floors and working with clients on reviving old hardwood floor sets us apart from the rest. This is where our passion and our exceptional tradesmanship is essential.

Having been privileged to work in many significant homes around town, which were an important part of Victoria's history and charm, be sure to take a look at our projects gallery to get an idea of what we can do for your floors!