We've been refinishing hardwood floors in the Victoria, BC area for over 15 years now and our experienced team of floor refinishing specialists understand what it takes to bring out the best in your hardwood floor.   

By using professional equipment and tools, paired with proper sanding techniques, high quality stains and top of the line finishes, these are just some of the reasons which make our refinished floors stand out.

Dustless Sanding

We take immense pride in our work, and are one of Victoria, BC's few hardwood flooring companies to provide true dustless sanding services by using Bona©’s Atomic Dust Containment System. 

Our exceptionally high standards of workmanship are not limited to just the finished product, we are also committed to looking after the homes and properties we work in, the people and pets who live in them, and our team members. 

  • Our advanced dustless system eliminates 99% of dust which would otherwise be released into your home.
  • By using the Bona©’s Atomic Dust Containment System with a two-step cyclonic intake and hospital-grade HEPA filter, we are able to avoid exposing dust to your home.
  • We remove the excess dust before it even meets your environment.

With no airbone dust generated,  this means a safer space for us to work in, a healthier home for you to live in and a smarter option for your family and pets.


As a hardwood floor refinishing company that work exclusively with Bona©’s high end finishes, their Oil Modified and Waterborne finishes, as well as high-traffic options have been designed for optimal results when used by professional hardwood floor refinishing specialists, such as our team.  

  • Natural wood floors are timeless so it's easy to understand why Waterbase finish has gained popularity in recent years.  Given the sheen is more natural in look and feel underfoot and with added benefits such as low emission levels and no odour, Waterbase finish gives you the ability to stay in your home while the floors are being refinished.  With faster dry times, and enhanced options for high traffic areas of your home, Waterbase finish allows you to achieve  natural floors without compromising on protection.   
  • In contrast, Oil Modified finish enhances the colour of any wood floor and darken over time, giving a rich deep base to your hardwood floors.  With a variety of sheen options including Matte, Satin, or Gloss, Oil Modified finishes provide a superior protective coat and are found on most existing hardwood floors, making it a great option when blending in with existing wood floors. 


When it comes to choosing the right hardwood floor stain, from light tones to earthy, dramatic or bold colors, our wood floor refinishers work with a wide range of floor stain colours to create custom blends to precisely match any existing wood floor and allow you more flexibility in getting the exact look you want for your hardwood floors. 

Using high quality floor stains to alter the appearance of your hardwood floor allows us to create something both unique and perfectly matched to your needs.

Whether it's a white-washed wood floor for a bungalow or beach house, or a rich rustic brown for some country charm or perhaps a high contrast vibrant dark base you are looking for, we are experts in creating custom colours to reflect the vision for your hardwood floors. 

Stain options