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When it comes to your home, how it looks — and more importantly, how it feels — is everything, and that begins with the floor.

Transforming the space you live in can transform your daily life, and we help you do exactly that by giving your interior style a solid foundation to work from.  By installing hardwood floors underfoot which provide not only function, beauty, and a sense of atmosphere, your home will become a reflection of you and in sync with your personality.

No matter what your vision — whether it’s a stylish yet functional modern space through colour-stained floors or creating something that radiates comfort and warmth with earthy and natural finished tones — we’ll ensure that your hardwood floor is the centerpiece of any room.

Everything we do, from the hardwood we help you choose and procure, to our installation and sanding processes and type of finish we use, to the extra touches and details to accentuate your space are carefully considered with your experience and comfort in mind.

Let our talented crew at Martinez Hardwood Floors amaze you with our results and revive your floors and space for years to come, leaving you eager to introduce us to your friends and family.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our friendly team are the same experts who will take care of you from start to finish ensuring the wood floor installation services provided are always top quality. And when it comes to the installation part of the project; there is almost nothing we can’t do!

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

You don’t always need to install a completely new floor to achieve the look of new floors — many times you can breathe new life into your floors with a professional high-quality hardwood floor refinishing, and that’s exactly what we specialize in!

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Hardwood Floor Restoration

With a growing number of heritage properties in our portfolio, rejuvenating decade and/or century old floors, fixing them up and refurbishing them is something we take pride in. At Martinez Hardwood Floors, we aim to bring back those character attributes found in 100 year old floors.

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Other Services

At Martinez Hardwood Floors, we do more than just floors! From start to finish of your flooring project, we are here to help you realize the vision for floors and can help you transform your space.

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