1950 home in Oaklands

Sometimes we come in and manage to unearth and restore something that had seemed lost, as was the case with the floors in this charming mid century home in the Oaklands neighbourhood.  

With original Fir flooring hidden beneath the carpets in the bedroom and living room only and laminate floors installed elsewhere, we were able to source reclaimed Fir floors to match the original floors and feather them in to blend seamlessly in the kitchen and bathroom.  To complete this wood floor restoration project, we refinished the floors in a natural Matte Oil Finish. This created wall-to-wall wood floors with no transitions between rooms that make the home appear larger and provide a nice flow from space to space.

Project Highlights:

  • Oaklands, BC
  • Mid century home hardwood floor refinishing and installation
  • Original and reclaimed Fir floors  
  • Matte Oil Finish in Natural