Incredible floors in incredible homes.

Whether embarking on a home renovation, a heritage home restoration or simply refreshing the style of the interior, updated surroundings are not only a wise investment but also a reflection of our inner selves and set the tone for everything else in our lives. Floors are the foundation of this transformation.

If selling or moving into a new home represents the start of a new beginning for you, if you are updating your existing space to reflect your current lifestyle, or if this is overdue maintenance of your existing floors, the beauty, energy and feeling our newly installed and/or refinished floors bring to your space will surely astound you and the end result will leave you feeling inspired. 

One of the perks of hardwood floors is that they tend to be one of the last pieces in a home renovation and being a part of realizing our clients’ vision for their space and sharing in the joyful transformation of their home is why we are passionate about what we do.

Take a look below at some of the incredible floors we have done in some equally incredible homes around Victoria!